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Performance is at the core of my passion. I will gladly create a unique routine for your event, adapting to a chosen theme. Let’s discuss ideas!


I have judged several international competitions since 2016. I will easily adapt to any scoring system and I’m certified to judge Pole Theater competitions. If you’re looking for an objective eye, I’m your girl.

Private Coaching

Would you like feedback on your next competition routine? Do you need help to master a pole trick? One on one coaching is the best way to improve. Live or via Skype we can find a way to work together. Here are some examples:

  • Reviewing combos for their competition routine
  • Choreographing their transitions between the poles
  • Building a routine
  • Learning specific acrobatic tricks
  • Learning new transitions


I offer floor movements, acrobatics, pole and dance workshops. The classes are tailored to the level of the participants and are 90min. 

Tricks & transitions

Level: beginner/inter students. Minimum requirement: must be comfortable with climbing.

While learning new movements, you’ll also work on your lines and fluidity, regardless of your level. I’ll show you unique transitions to/from easy tricks. This helps not only to perfect moves, but also to enhance presence and projection for the audience!

Made by Jazzy

Level: inter/advanced students. Minimum requirements: inversions and handsprings.

This class is meant for you to discover some unique tricks and transitions that I’ve created and some combos that I really love. You’ll leave the class with a whole new bank of movements. Let’s bring your pole game to the next level!


Open level. Minimum requirements: must be comfortable holding a handstand against the wall.

This class is dedicated to dynamic and acrobatic movements on static pole, on the floor and in the air. Various tricks will be broken down into simple, less scary steps, and I will be there to spot you!


Open level. Knee pads/leggings/T-shirt recommended.

Based on freestyle, this class will help you to develop your personal expressive style. I will guide your explorations of movement and creation through several exercises. The goal is to (re)discover different aspects of movement, on the floor and with the pole.

Own the Floor

Open level. Knee pads/leggings/T-shirt recommended.

This class is completely off the pole…floor only! You’ll learn some technical dance and acrobatic floor movements, and we’ll mix it all in a routine. If you’re uncomfortable going on the floor…I know how you feel, I’ve been there too.


Open level. Knee pads/leggins/T-shirt recommended.

Learn a contemporary routine incorporating low pole and dance moves. This class also focuses on quality of movement (lines, angles…) and of course musicality. Let’s pole DANCE together!